About Our Staff

Pathfinders: Ms. Amanda has been with All Hope Christian Academy since the beginning, She has been working with students in an educational setting for more than five years. In addition to her Degree in Early Childhood Education from Liberty University, She worked for Americorps tutoring students in reading, She is certified through Accelerated Christian Education. She enjoys teaching Kindergarten and First Grades.

Discovery Class: Ms. Sigrid is new to All Hope and is a welcomed addition to our school family. She has her Bachelors and is pursuing her Masters in Special Education. She teaches our 2nd grade class, and any student who need additional tutoring.

Explorers: Ms. Marie is enjoying her fourth year at All Hope Christian Academy. She enjoys watching the students excell in 3rd & 4th grades. Ms. Marie has more than 20 years experience working in education with students, she also has her Certificate in Early Childhood education.

Adventurers: Ms. Tia is in her 3rd year at All Hope, she teaches 5th through 8th grades. She has her Bachelors from Florida Career Institute. She loves working with  her students and looks forward to the fun times in class.

Trendsetters: Ms. Kayla is enjoying her third year with All Hope Christian Academy. She has worked with students in an educational setting for more than 5 years. Her passion is in the classroom where she educates students between the grade levels of 7th through 10th.  Ms. Kayla has a Degree in General Studies from Keiser University.

Mr. Kevin is our recess monitor, and Facilities Operator, He keeps us safe!

Ms. Tara is our Operations Manager & She is the Assistant to the Principal.